Victoria Kimani: Singer speaks on female inclusion at United Nations conference


Kenyan singer Victoria Kimani was recently a delegate at the United Nations office in New York, USA.

play Victoria Kimani being honored to sit and discuss with like-minded individuals at the UN headquarters (Instagram/victoriakimani)


She spoke on a number of issues which bothered on being heard, social inclusion and creative freedom as a female, and changing the norm as it were.


“At the UN headquarters…..I touched on having creative freedom in Africa, being a diverse woman in an otherwise judgemental space…..shifting the culture one day at a time! Rome was not built in one day” she wrote on Instagram.

play Victoria Kimani believes so much in the African woman and her value (Instagram/Victoriakimani)

An African female voice. So important! Girls… your fellow woman….it takes nothing away from you,” she added.


Victoria Kimani released her debut album “Safari” in 2016.

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