The Painful Decision (Part 3) – By YeshaGift 


​On that beautiful Saturday morning she (Alicia) got up from bed and did her normal chores and went in to take her bath while her aunt already left the house in the early hours of the morning so while she got into the room and was taking her stuffs off lo and behold her uncle showed up in her room without knocking, she got silent strike cause she was naked, her uncle after staring deeply into her nakedness made for the door telling her to meet him down stairs when she was done. 14 year old Alicia felt it was nothing she said to herself “he is my uncle he won’t hurt me” and made to dress up after which she left her room to meet her uncle in his room on getting there he asked her to come sit with him then he sparked up a conversation.

 He asked questions he  already knew the answer then he told her he wanted to teach her something, he gave her a drug like substance to swallow and immediately she became weak and dizzy.

 The so called uncle mounted his own wife’s niece and she got an adventure with rape for the second time, he tore her undies, he manhandled her, and he did the worse by trying to perform anal intercourse with a 14year old girl!

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All he did was to bring back memories of the pain she went through a year ago, memories she was trying to wipe off.

She cried and tried to get up to leave but her legs were too weak to carry her so her uncle got close to her and made a threat attempt to her “if you tell anyone this they would not believe you they would only laugh at you and I would kill you” after which he carried the weak girl to her room and left her there. 

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She cried her eyes out she was in pain she was bleeding from the anus everything was wrong she wanted to die, she wanted to talk,  but who would listen the parents where the busiest in the world, no guardian, no friend it was all about pain. 

Her uncle always gave her the drug like substance and if she refused it if would beat her up force it in her mouth and fulfill his aim.

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She became her uncle’s intercourse machine, at 14 she became an intercourse bag, she became her own enemy she did everything at will no one could talk to her she got into the world of no  destination. the uncle did not only do that but also brought his friends to come have there fill until Alicia fell ill.

Alicia’s aunt who was also a wannabe busy woman pleaded with her husband to take Alicia to the hospital which he did Alicia was 2months pregnant with an overdose of sex enhancement pills in her system she was just 14.
Story by :: iG @Yeshagift 

Watch out for part 4… 

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