Top 5 Ways Gamers Are Making Good Money Online Through Games


Gaming sensation starts building inside us as soon as we come in contact of games and, as we dive into the gaming world, exploring new, amazing and more complicated games of our interest, this gaming sensation becomes madness. A madness, which we don’t want to control but everyone hits maturity and then this evil world demands money.

The world wants us to leave gaming and start earning money at least for our own maintenance. This situation is bad. No one wants to leave gaming but “money” is a universal need that no one can ignore. Decision needs to be taken and majority make hard decision of quitting games and start earning.

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But why it is always like that? Why we need to choose between money making and gaming? Why can’t we maintain both our gaming sensation as well as economic health? Because the struggle to earn consumes all our time then no time is left to play games. 

You are reading this article so I assume you to be in the same situation and reading it in a hope to find good solution of this evil problem. I will not shatter your hope as I am also a gamer. After days of research on the topic, I finally decided to publish all verified ways by which gamers are making good money online doing what they love – ‘gaming’.

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Below, I am providing 5 best ways to make money online through gaming. Read the article carefully, visit reference links and choose the most comfortable ways you find to make money through gaming.

Get Paid to Play

This is by far the most natural way to make money online without putting your mind or creativity. You play the games you love to play. Just that, you need to put your talent to those sites which pay you to play. There are lots of sites which pay you to play. You either earn regular points by playing/winning games or earn large gaming points by winning eSports tournaments that those sites are holding.

Sell items & gold at Auction House

Many multiplayer and online games have auction houses which allow other players to sell/purchase virtual gaming items. They can provide you game points and real-cash in return for your earlier purchased or earned/found items while playing. The concept is active from a decade but Diablo 3 made it a hype and killed too as its Auction House was most successful but then they discontinued it.

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This reddit user claimed to make over $10,000 legitimately from D3 market itself.

World of Warcraft Auction House

Many other online games have active auction house which you can search. You just need to do a quick search. Maybe your favorite game has this too but you are unknown from it.

Make Real Money Playing Games

There are a lot of gamers who try their luck at online casino. However, if you are thinking of playing online casino games for making real money then you need to research a little bit about genuine and trusted sites. Play at operators who support games from well established and trusted game developers, such as NetEnt. Check for the necessary licenses, certifications, and accreditations from reputable authorities for opting for online casino games. Online safety is of utmost important. Make sure the connection is trusted and your financial information is safe.

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Become a Game Tester

Competition in gaming market is too high. Gaming companies want to make more and better games for which, they not only need developers and other officials but also talented gamers who have good experience with games so that they can test their games and provide the level of feedback which normal players can never provide.

So, if you have faith in your passion to play games, signup to become a game tester at big game company but be warned, the task is hectic and before making decision about this field, I think you want to read this IGN’s post – The Tough Life of Game Tester.

Outsource Your Talent

Have you completed any latest game recently? Do you have it’s game data saved (game saves)? You can market it or provide it through torrent or your blog holding your referral links to make some money. You can also create walkthrough videos and post it on YouTube to earn through video advertisements.

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